Currantex™ 40
containing 40% anthocyanin

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Just The Berries manufactures a range of freeze dried blackcurrant extracts. All products are manufactured in NZ, in a state of the art manufacturing facility. The majority of the analytical testing is carried out in-house in a modern quality assurance laboratory. Just the Berries applies rigorous quality control procedures throughout the entire process starting from the stages of early berry production through to quality testing of the final product.


Just the Berries Currantex range has been developed over several years. It has been tested by independent laboratories and used in numerous clinical trials both in New Zealand and overseas.

• Currantex 20 / Currantex 30 / Currantex 35 /Currantex 40


Delcyan is an extract specifically formulated to improve mental acuity; mental acuity means ‘sharpness of mind’ as measured by an individual’s level of focus, concentration, alertness, understanding and memory, especially whilst under significant mental stress. It offers manufacture’s an opportunity to commercialise new products targeting; learning, workplace performance and mental fatigue.

In a randomised, double-blind study, 35 healthy young participants were asked to complete 70 minute computerised assessments designed to demand attention and to be mentally fatiguing, such as watching a series of random numbers and responding when three consecutive odd numbers appeared. The trial found that, compared to placebo, after taking the extract from Just the Berries Ltd participants worked more accurately without slowing down, and felt more alert and less mentally-fatigued after the test.

Delcyan is a freeze dried powder manufactured by Just the Berries, containing 30% anthocyanin.

• Delcyan 30