Blackcurrant Extract Powders

Just The Berries Ltd manufactures a range of powders to suit our many international customers. All our powders are manufactured using NZ grown blackcurrants with full traceability.

• Spray dried or freeze dried options available
• Standard Anthocyanin levels available e.g. 20%, 30% & 35%
• Nonstandard Anthocyanin levels available, please enquire
• Flavoring and coloring powders
• Powders using “Pesticide Spray Free” fruit available

Delcyan ™

Just The Berries Ltd are proud to announce the release of Delcyan™, a powder specifically formulated to improve brain function, help people stay more alert, reduce mental fatigue and work with greater accuracy whilst under significant mental stress.

In the randomised, double-blind study, 35 healthy young participants were asked to complete 70 minute computerised assessments designed to demand attention and to be mentally fatiguing, such as watching a series of random numbers and responding when three consecutive odd numbers appeared. The trial found that, compared to placebo, after taking the extract from Just the Berries Limited participants worked more accurately without slowing down, and felt more alert and less mentally-fatigued after the test.

Delcyan ™ is a freeze dried powder manufactured in NZ using spray free fruit grown in NZ and has 30% Anthocyanins.